Curb Appeal – How to Boost It and Get a Higher Price on Your Listing

Curb Appeal – How to Boost It and Get a Higher Price on Your Listing

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Good home, bad location: can you still sell it?

Good home, bad location: can you still sell it?

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Business ideas you can run from a self-storage unit

Business ideas you can run from a self-storage unit

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Choosing an oak framed porch – Reasons to do so and how to do it properly


A great addition one could add to a home is an oak framed porch. A porch can be a functional area for families with muddy boots or act as a wood storage area for your winter woodburner. Adding more character and style to a home, a framed porch comes with plenty of benefits and can also add value to your property.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of adding a porch to your home, as well as a small guide on what to consider when choosing to do an extension like this:

They increase the market value of your property

Most home improvements have the potential to increase the market value of your property.  Although you might not be planning to sell your house in the near future, an oak porch add character and space to your property making it a more enjoyable home. These kinds of porches are very popular, especially around UK, being a traditional part of a home.

They are easy to adapt to your house design

Notable carpenters can help you design a special porch so it will fit your house design. Beautifully integrating elements from the existing architecture, they will add more style and personality to your property, a unique character, making it a piece of remarkable architectural value.

Plan and take your time

Before you rush and decide on your perfect design, it’s recommended that you check if you need permission to build your porch. In many cases, it is not necessary, but double-checking doesn’t hurt. Generally, as long as your porch fits in the general requirements, meaning it is below three meters from the ground level and it is not positioned within two meters from a public road or highway, you may not need planning permission.

Work with an experienced carpenter

If you want a perfect oak framed porch, you must choose a reputable carpenter that uses the best quality air dried oak. Air dried oak has remarkable properties, it is a long lasting material, and most importantly, it will keep it’s structure for many year to come.  Make sure you consider all available designs for your porch by doing your own research or asking to see a portfolio of previous work done by your carpenter or builder.

So these are just some basics you should consider when choosing to add a framed porch onto your home. It is a great investment that will add more value to your home, as well as lots of character and style.